• Billing
    • How does your billing work?

      Billing consists of two parts:
      1. One-time security deposit. It can be used later to pay for the last week of work or refunded before wrapping the project up.
      2. Weekly payments throughout the project duration.

    • when I will be charged?

      we charge every tuesday according to the previous week’s hours reported by the developer.

    • How can I cover oustanding hours if the developer works extra hours?

      The system will take care of it and charge you for hours reported by your developer for the previous week.

    • Do I collect extra hours?

      You don’t collect hours at all. The system charges you according to the developer’s reports.

    • What happens to my balance after the project is finished?

      We will transfer your deposit back to your card.

    • What payment options do you have?

      Our systems work like a weekly subscription. Payments are made by CC and processed by Stripe.

    • What is a deposit?

      The first payment is a security deposit. We hold it hostage for your sake. It can be used to pay for the last week of work or refunded in the form of unused hours before wrapping the project up.

  • General
    • What is Parallelloop.io?

      Parallelloop.io is a platform for hiring vetted developers on-demand.

    • How are you different from the other freelance platforms?

      There are two major differences. We test and interview every developer who applies to join our network. Our vetting process allows ensuring every client gets to work with solid professionals who have strong work ethics and soft skills. And we match you with only one candidate at a time. We always aim at candidates who we believe suit your project best and are available to start right away.

    • Is there a minimum number of project hours?

      We start at 160 hours of work for an individual position and will be happy to send some candidates for your consideration. Depending on your project’s needs, we can offer developers that are ready to work full-time (40 hours per week) or part-time (20 hours per week).

    • is there a minimum project duration?

      As long as there are at least 160 hours of work – we can start the ball rolling. The average contract duration at Parallelloop.io is six months. Many customers have continued employing Parallelloop.io developers for years!

    • Do I own the IP?

      You do! Our terms of use cover this. But don’t hold yourself back from signing MSA or any other necessary documents with the developer if you wish.

    • Will I get a project estimation before the start?

      Of course. Give us the requirements and details on your projects, and we’ll crunch the numbers to tell you how many hours the work takes. You can use this number to project the total cost.

    • What technologies do you work with?

      We commonly have JavaScript, Python, RoR, Data Science, Java, and Swift on tap. But go ahead and let us know what particular stack you are looking for.

    • Are there any upfront fees?

      We don’t do that. Instead, we expect the deposit right before the start of the project, once you’ve approved the estimations and candidates to work with. Deposit will be refunded before wrapping the project up.

  • Developers
    • Do your developers speak good english?

      Only developers with solid English run with our pack. So you can count on clear and productive communication.

    • How do you vet the developers?

      Every applying developer must pass five stages of the Great Parallelloop Trial:
      CV & portfolio evaluation
      background and identity check
      oral and written English proficiency tests
      coding test task
      live interview

    • What are your hourly rates?

      Rates start at $45-$85/hour for JavaScript, Python, RoR, Data Science, Blockchain, Java, and Swift professionals.

    • Can developers work in my office?

      Hiring developers on a full-time basis means they can visit your office to meet your team. You will cover all travel expenses in this case. We can discuss relocations individually.

    • Do I get to communicate with the developer directly?


    • Where are your developers located?

      96% of our freelancers are located in eastern Europe.

    • Can I interview and test the developer on my own?

      You are more than welcome to.

    • Can I see the developer’s cv?

      Be our guest!

    • can I request a tech interview / live coding/ test task?

      By all means! All our developers come pre-vetted for your convenience, but you are more than welcome to do a tech interview/live coding call to ensure their skills are as great as their CVs state. Although test tasks/take-home assignments are mostly redundant due to our vetting process – they can be considered on a case-by-case basis.

    • How experienced are your developers?

      Our devs average at least four years of experience. One needs no less than two and a half years in the business to join the party.

    • can you help me hire a junior developer?

      We do not work with junior developers, and, honestly, neither should you! Instead, we can offer you strong middle candidates with sensible hourly rates. They are open to growing and can still be molded to your preferences but are prone to rookie mistakes.

    • is it safe to work with you since you are located in Ukraine?

      There is no sugarcoating here – the times are tough, but the Parallelloop.io team works like clockwork. Most of our staff is relocated to safe zones. The Ukraine-based developers are in constant contact with our team, and we ensure they can fully commit to working. Our Rolodex of developers is ever-expanding geographically, now featuring specialists located in Spain, Poland, Italy, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Portugal, Czech, Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, Estonia, Moldova, Albania, North Macedonia, Turkey, Slovenia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Cyprus, Andorra, Malta, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Guatemala, Ecuador, Bolivia, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Paraguay, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, and Uruguay. So any preferences in terms of developer location will, of course, be considered.

    • Do your developers do fixed-price projects?

      Nope, they don’t do it.

  • Getting started
    • How long does it take to start the project?

      It depends on the scope and requirements of your projects. It takes one or two days on average to find a perfect candidate and up to two more days for them to start working.

    • How do I hire a developer from you?

      We have three simple steps for you. First, we’ll ask you a couple of questions about the projects. Then we’ll offer the best-fitting candidate. After that, it is time to fund your account and get things up to speed.

    • How do I start?

      It takes a few steps. Fill out this form and let our manager contact you for details. After that, you’ll meet your assigned candidate and approve them. The only thing left is to make the first payment, and you’re all set!

    • do you use software to track the developer’s progress/ working hours?

      We sincerely believe that a healthy working relationship should be open and trustworthy. We do not enforce time-trackers or screen-recordings of the working process. Our dashboard allows the developers to report the completed work hours but does not provide any additional control. If your internal policies require time-tracking software – it can be discussed upon hiring. We do not mind as long as the developer is open to it.

  • Claims
    • I have an issue with the developer, what should i do?

      Please, let us know immediately by sending an email to claims@Parallelloop.io. We will get in touch right away.

    • I’m not satisfied with developer’s work, how can I get a refund?

      Let us sort it out for you. Please, start with filing your claim to claims@parallelloop.io.

    • I don’t like the developer, it’s not working out. How can you help me?

      No worries. Please contact Malky at m@parallelloop.io. We will suggest more candidates for you to consider.